3 apps I use most on my iPhone: Reeder, Camera+ and Clear

ReederI use Reeder all the time during my day. Really, I think I open it like 10 or 15 times on a daily basis I just can’t get enough of it. Developed by Silvio Rizzi, Reeder priced at the premium price of 4.99$ [which is a little pricy for an iOS app, I know] is the best RSS reader available on the iOS platform, you simply won’t find another one like Reader. Since I am RSS addicted I’ve tried several apps but no one will be great ad Reeder. Why? Because it’s super easy and fast to use, it support all the most famous RSS service out there like Feedly [the successor of Google Reader], Feedbin, Feed Wrangler and others, it has simple gestures, nice animations and it support [thanks-God-it-exists] Readability. If you use RSS and you haven’t found a good RSS app try this one, worth every cent.
If you don’t know what a RSS feed is check this and this [a bit old video about RSS but it’s still great].

Camera+The second app I use most is Camera+, by tap tap tap. Camera+, priced at 1.99$ [but they often sell it for .99$] was one of the first apps to show up one the App Store and update after update [I think they updated it like 20 times or so] it has become the best camera app for iOS devices. You could say:”Well, I already have the standard Apple’s camera app why should I download another camera app?” Because it offers tons of features compared to the stock iOS app like 15+ filters, volume shutter, an integrated “Laboratory” where you can edit photos you’ve taken and generally a better overall experience compared to the stock one. Just think that Apple “stole” some of the features from Camera+ in iOS 6 and the newly released iOS 7 like filters and the volume shutter originally present on Camera+!.

ClearThe last app I use most on my iPhone is Clear by Realmac Software. It’s a really simple to-do app completely based on gestures which can help you remember your thing to do. It’s a simpler app compared to the many other to-do and productivity apps available on the App Store and I prefer it for this very aspect, in fact I think that those type of app must be as-simple-as possible in order to keep you focused on your things instead of the application itself. Your to-dos can be stored on iCloud so you won’t never loose them accidentally and will synced across all your devices like your iPad or even your Mac since there’s a OS X version available on the Mac App Store.
Soon it will be free so make sure you download it during that period of time.

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