How to speed up Google Chrome by disabling useless plugins


Google Chrome has quickly become the most used internet browser surpassing Firefox and Internet Explorer and its user base grown seems unstoppable, and it deserves it. It’s a fast, safe and extensible internet browser compared to the second most used, Internet Explorer.

But, like any other PC and Mac software, it can become slow and unresponsive over time. Luckily there are a few ways to speed it up again and the most effective is by disabling installed plugins you don’t need.

When you installed Chrome on you computer for the first time there weren’t many plugins installed other than Chrome’s default ones but third party software [for example Adobe Reader, Quicktime, VLC Media player, etc.], already present on your computer or which you installed in a second moment, tends to install new plugins to better integrate with your browser without asking and, while this is a good thing for safe and good softwares its not so good with bad ones like viruses, adwares and/or plugins you don’t need.

You can think of plugin like toolbars, the more you have the slower your browser will be.

So how can we disable those plugins? It’s a simple thing to do, just follow those steps:

  1. Launch Google Chrome
  2. Once it’s launched type [or copy and paste] this in your URL bar and press Enter:
  3. Now you should see a list of the currently installed plugins, you can safely disable the ones you don’t need by clicking the Disable link under them.

I suggest you to disable third-party plugins like:

  • Windows Media Player Plugin
  • Microsoft DRM
  • DivX Web Player [If you already have VLC and/or you never used it]
  • iTunes Application Detector [100% useless]
  • Chrome Remote Desktop Viewer [If you don’t need remote support]

Careful: Do not disable Default Browser Helper and/or Native Client or Chrome won’t work.


Has YouTube become the biggest illegal download website?


The new version of the application you desperately need has just came out but you don’t want to buy it? You already tried searching on BitTorrent but the file you downloaded is fake and/or you still can’t find it? Do you need a serial number too?

No problem, all you need is a Google YouTube search!

I’m not joking, YouTube is full of videos with download links to, Rapidgator, Zippyshare, MediaFire, you-name-it and serial numbers too, placed in the description ready for everyone to copy-and-paste.

Let’s try with iExplorer, a famous OS X and Windows software made by the guys of Macroplant that lets you manage your iDevice [iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch], move files back and forth, backup SMS messages and other things. It costs 34.99$ but you can get it free on… YouTube! Just search “iExplorer serial” and that’s the result:


I’ve hided the serial in the picture for legal reasons off course, but you can try it by yourself if you don’t believe me.

Downloading illegal software from YouTube can be easier and faster compared to BitTorrent because you won’t need any BitTorrent client installed on your machine and the download speed is around 120 kB/s using a free account on those file sharing websites. Slower compared to BitTorrent, but generally an app, like iExplorer in this case, is around 20 MB so it won’t take more than 10 minutes.

Sadly enough, that’s only a little part of a bigger story. In fact there also are nearly infinite extensions available on the web for all browsers [here’s a few examples: ChromeFirefox] that let’s you instantly convert a video and download it in .mp3 and .mp4 [AAC] format so you can easily download music illegally.

Google recently discovered this problem and banned all .mp3 downloader from his Chrome Web Store, but the phenomena can’t be stopped in my opinion until they block 3rd-party extensions and/or scripts on YouTube and until they develop a filter for uploaded videos containing illegal links or serial numbers.