Are iPhones bad for our health?

This is a very [very] delicate theme to cover.

Even after years and years of scientific researches and numerous studies about RF Exposures and the Specific absorption rate [also known as SAR] we still can’t tell for sure that radio frequencies are bad for our body and health. In fact some will prove you they are bad for our health, showing you the results of a continuos RF exposure, and some will prove you the right opposite. For anything like this you have two choices:

  1. Who cares, I didn’t even know what RF and SAR were before this post.
  2. Understand the the problem and make the possible you can to reduce or avoid exposures to preserve your health until science has the answer.

What’s the situations about RF Exposure and SAR with iPhones? In order to facilitate the comparison of SAR values [both head and body] and also to understand its trend, I decided to spend some time to make a graph with those values of every single iPhone ever made, and this the result:

Head SAR value:


Body SAR Value:


From the graphs we can see four things in my opinion:

  1. The models with more plastic [3G and 3GS] have lower SAR values.
    [Plastic is more efficient that metal when transmitting the antenna signal and it need less power so lower exposure]
  2. The SAR values are increasing.
  3. The maximum limit value of 2,00 W/kg hasn’t never been reached.
    [And that’s a good thing].
  4. Apple tries to keep values under half of the limit.
    [To be sure that SAR won’t be a problem for user’s health and/or limit damages I guess].

So, are iPhones bad for our health or not? Well, while they do emit more radiations than other smartphones available on the market, I think that since all iPhones SAR values are under half of the recommended value of 2,00 W/kg they are safebut keep in mind that until we have a precise answer from scientists we can’t be 100% sure about this.

If you want more informations about RF Exposure and/or SAR you can read more on Wikipedia or, limited to the iPhone or Apple devices, on the official Apple RF Exposure information page.